hiroko momii

Flowering Heart - Perception

"Spirituality is the purpose of art."
Wassily Kandinsky

It sounds like a cliché when you say a glass with water is either half empty or half full, but every experience is based on this perception and each perspective leads to a different experience. Quite often perception is built into our unconsciousness. I explore this unconscious perception, which consists of old memories, feelings and beliefs passed on from our parents buried deep in consciousness.

This series of artwork reflects my personal deep inner experiences and gets in touch with my core to give form to that experience. Through the process I contemplate the experiences from a different perspective. This heightened awareness allows an opening of the heart to shift perspective.

I express my experiences through abstract form, color, shape, space, movement. My paintings weave energy patterns and time (past, present and future) which connects art, spirituality and science to create higher vibrations.

My intent is to provoke each viewer's inner experience, buried in the unconscious to become aware and embrace his or her own experiences, pleasant or unpleasant.

August, 2015
Hiroko Momii