hiroko momii

My journey to Inner Freedom

"Spirituality is the purpose of art."
Wassily Kandinsky

I see Totality of Life, Interconnectedness of all existences as Truth.

I have been seeking to experience this Truth, Oneness, throughout my life through the way of life and act of painting. This journey has been an inner spiritual quest to search for an identity, who I am.

I express my art from inside out. I give forms to my invisible feelings, thoughts and experiences. I move through different phases and styles (organic or geometric, straight, or angulated line, etc). Nevertheless, it is my life experience of each moment with heightened awareness. Art making is a meditation for me like diving deep in consciousness to reach Oneness state.

I express my experiences through abstract form, color, shape, space, movement. My paintings weave energy patterns and time (past, present and future) which connects art, spirituality and science to create higher vibrations.

Art is a celebration to share, because viewers can also relate to my art and move to a deeper space. All we are searching Oneness experience beyond limited individual experience.

June, 2023
Hiroko Momii